Wedding ceremonies and banquets

Your wedding ceremony and banquet is custom-made in order to reflect your own style. Whether traditional, modern, cutting-edge, eccentric or themed, our company can bring your vision for an one of a kind wedding to life. With us, your wedding will look like no other!

Everything starts from the moment we meet with the clients; We suggest and produce ideas together from the first moment, step by step. We usually think of every wedding like an haute couture gown, made sur mesure for each client, with everything that is required for its perfection -such as rehearsals. In this sense, we help you choose the event's venue, we take care of all travel issues (tickets, accommodation etc.), as well as flowers, music, catering, lighting, decoration, sound, photography, gifts, hairdressing and make-up, always according to the client and in a single and value-for-money charge. 1